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Property in Dholera SIR Gujarat - The first smart city in India with maximum growth potential!!!

Of the properties in the 100 smart cities that shall be developed in the next few years in India, Dholera SIR Property is being cited as the one with the maximum potential to reap exponential returns.

Dholera SIR, a smart city built over 920 square kilometers shall be the pride of Gujarat and a gateway to the economic revolution within the state. It is expected to support a massive population of 2.5 million people in the next 24 years through 8 lakh new jobs that shall be created in the region. An industrial explosion is anticipated in the region which shall make the city a global trading and manufacturing hub and a favorite investment destination for worldwide investors.

Dholera SIR Property has been recommended as a safe haven for investment by industry experts; one of the best deals available on real estate front in the ongoing decade.

Amidst all this, the real estate market in the city is budding and shall soon blossom to take over in full swing. Over 5 lakh new residential property in Dholera SIR shall be in demand as the population grows to its expected level. This has encouraged developers from all over the country to venture into the city and undertake huge residential townships and commercial projects.As the city is about to gain momentum, the property prices are soon expected to accelerate from its current rates and increase manifold resulting in large profits to the investor class.