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Dholera Smart City welcomes NRI investors.

Dholera Smart City welcomes NRI investors.

The spectrum of realty market in India is often seen attracting NRI's, compelling them to invest in the sector and have a permanent residence in their own country. NRI investment in Indian real estate has been made an easy affair by the relevant authorities through relaxation of polices and implementation of lowertaxation for such transactions.

While the NRI's are often seen craving for a property of their own in India, the Indian government has made it an easy deal for them. Here are a few reasons which explains why NRI investment in Indian real estate is every bit worth it.

Easy Funding

As a thumb rule, up to 80% of the property value can be funded through financial institutions. All that is required by a NRI is his basic papers including identity, address and income proof. The interest rates serve as an icing on the cake as Indian funding rates are by far lower than those applicable in Western countries. Therefore, if you are a NRI and living in the Western part of the world, investing in India should be a definite 'yes' for you.

Tax Benefits

  • Long term capital gains accrue on sale of real estate property ifheld for at least three years from the date of purchase and sold any time after that. In such situation, the NRI is only liable to pay a maximum of 20% taxation on the realized profits from sale of property. Such profits can also be inflation adjusted which eventually brings down the actual taxable profit considerably.
  • In case a NRI decides to utilize the sale proceeds for purchase of any other real estate investment in India, such proceeds are completely exempted from tax.
  • If the NRI rents out the flat instead of self-use, one third of the rental income can be kept aside for repair and maintenance expenses, irrespective of whether incurred or not. This shall be completely exempted from taxable income.

Property Prices and Expected Gains

In the recent past, property prices have slashed down in India making it a good investment option at its current prices. As per the expected spur in economic activities in the country, the demand for residential, industrial and commercial property is expected to inflate exponentially. This shall in turn result in boom in the sector in near future making NRI investment in Indian real estate a wise decision.